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Official Secrets

Posted on 14 Jan 2018 @ 3:37pm by Commander Maritza Soran - CO DS5 & Captain Ricardo (Rico) Montoya

Mission: New Beginings
Location: Ready Room
Timeline: MD 1 - 1600


"Thank you for responding so quicly, captain." Admiral T'vel said as she sat down in the chair opposite Rico's desk. She laced her fingers together and rested them on the glossy black surface. "I trust I have not inconvenienced you too greatly."

Setting several PADDS aside Rico shook his head. "Not at all Admiral." He kept himself from questioning her if she was her to recall him from another mission; she was an Admiral after all. "What can I do for you?"

"I wished to convey my congratulations on your new command. After your experiences you have shown yourself to be a most capable officer." She replied.

"Thank you Admiral. I must say after the recall and the extraordinarily indepth debriefing we received...I wondered if I'd ever see a command again. Especially given the vocal nature of the ojections to the recall made by myself and the other senior officer from that mission. To be honest neither I nor any of the others agree with the reasoning for the recall. Even if there is to be an invasion by the Terran Empire of the this reality, three vessels aren't going to make a difference. Beside the way we defeated'll probably be decades before they try again."

T'vel raised an impeccable vulcan eybrow. "Three ships might not make a difference, but three good captains can. Given that the enounters did end in defeat, It was considered more valid to have your experience where it could be drawn upon. And there is also the matter of Pangaea." The Admiral glanced out of the window. The bottom of the planet could just been seen in the top right.

His brow wrinkled questioningly. "Has there been a new development? Was there something found to tie its dimentional shift into our reality, to the Teran Empire? Dimensional shifting a ship is one thing...but a planet?"

"The Fae managed to do it." T'vel pointed out. "Three months ago there was no planet here. And now there is an unknown number of portals that have already been shown to cross space and time. The Fae crossed into our dimension somehow. It is not unreasonable to assume that the portals below may also include doors through to the Mirror Universe."

"Granted, but I would hardly put the Fae and the Terran Empire in the same category. Even the Iconians and all their abilities could not cross dimensions. However if there are passageways left by the Fae that bridge our universe with another they need to be found. The Terran's wanted to cross into other realities for conquest. Perhaps we should begin crossing into other warn others or even to find allies."

T'Vel's poker face went all in. "I cannot make any comments on such a course of action. And I would strongly advise you against attempting such actions whilst you are in the presence of Pangaea."

Her sudden rigidity only raised further suspicions as to what she was up to. "Understood. Though I will keep an eye out for other dimensional phenomena."

"I urge you do so. But I must also caution you that all events that occured in the Gamma quadrant remain classified to the highest level, and to remember that when working with your new crew." T'Vel replied.

"I know all about classified. You have nothing to worry about there. I though I would think that the computer core we recovered from the Terran ship would have had something on their dimensional transport technology. I would hate to see the Federation site on that tech if available. The Terran Empire is a known enemy that regained it's dominance by crossing into our universe and stealing technology. They are using our tech against us and others. We should be fighting fire with fire."

The vulcan was impassive, as all vulcans were. "Your opinion is noted, Captain." A pause floated over the room. She wasn't offering any more. "Will the Phoenix be ready to make way shortly?"

He nodded, he felt he may have struck a chord with her, but it coul be hard to tell with Vulcans. "Yes maam. We are awaiting final creww arrivals while engineering resolves our power issues. Did you have something for us?"

"You would be welcome to take part in the upcoming exercises with the Svikiri. If not, then having someone watching that Cardassian fleet would be advisable, and the Pheonix has the potential to be in more than one place at the same time."

"What type of exercises?"

"A live fire test of shields, and then a wargame. Simulated fire." the admiral didn't offer any further details.

He nodded slowly. "Shows like just the thing to put both ship and crew throught their passes. When is this all to take place?"

"The shield test is in three days, the live fire exerces one week." T'vel said, "If you're not ship-shape by then, you are welcome to observe,"

Though he was still waiting on an update from engineering he was confident they had an idea of what the issue was by now. "I'm sure we will be ready by then. Just have your people let us know what role you want us to play in this test and I will see that we are prepared."

"Then I will have my yeoman contact you in due course." T'Vel stood. "I wish you good day, Captain."

Rico rose from his seat. "We'll be ready Admiral." He watched her leave and his eyes narrowed as the doors closed. Tapping his fingers on his desk as he thought, ~Something is going on, something that she isn't mentioning...~

Admiral T'Vel
Flag Officer
USS Venture

Captain Ricardo Montoya
USS Phoenix


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