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Tour time - Part 1

Posted on 01 Feb 2018 @ 4:18pm by Captain Ricardo (Rico) Montoya & Lieutenant Heather Fischer-Montoya & Commander Maritza Soran - CO DS5 & Lieutenant Voric Miller & Lieutenant Marion Kent
Edited on on 01 Feb 2018 @ 4:26pm

Mission: New Beginings
Location: USS Phoenix
Timeline: MD 2 - Morning

Rico and Heather had just finished their morning workout in the gym. Heather was still dealing with her hair as he slipped a general coverall over his uniform.

Seeing him in the mirror she turned to him. "What are you up to?"

"Oh nothing; just a little Henry the Fifth." He then grabbed a PADD writing an order and endorsing it himself he then picked up a case to complete his appearance. With wink he has himself beamed to the station.


Walking into the reception area at the main pedestrian gantry to the ship he saw that a line had actually formed and was trickling aboard as a security guard was monitoring things. Bypassing the line he moved to enter the ship put the guards stopped him.

"Sorry but, back of the line. We have a lot of people reporting aboard today."

Rico raised his PADD to object. "But I have orders..."

Shaking his head and cutting the man off the guard again pointed to the back of the line. "All these people have orders too. We can't have everyone storming in at the same time."

Nodding with a smile. "Understandable. My apologies", and with that he joined the line...which was moving pretty good anyway.

"Security types are so uptight you know?" The Blonde woman ahead of him; an ensign of the OPS branch of the ship had a duffle slung over her shoulder and the PADD in hand. "It was bit of cheating." She had to be in her early twenties and not long out off her Cadet Cruise. "I think he could have been a little nicer though. I think we are all on the same side last time I checked." She smiled in a way that was genuine enough to reach her eyes of blue. "I thought I was the only one overly excited about getting on a new ship?" She offered a hand. "Theodora Montaine; most just call me Theo, my dad wanted a son obviously." She giggled a little; "This your first command or just in a hurry?"

Rico grinned as he took her hand; his coverall kept his uniform and rank well hidden he would appear like any other technician. As they shook hands he fabricated a story for the eager ensign. "Oh he's just doing his job." Making a mental note to find out his name; "To answer your question, this isn't my first dance by any means. Though it is my first time on this type of ship." Gesturing with his PADD he continued, "I do have orders directly from the Captain though."

"According to regulations of Priority orders those from the Commanding Officer do outweigh those of standard Transfer orders and you should have been admitted according to The Article 57 sub-paragraph 14 states that orders from the Commanding Officer are to be given a priority over the standard operating procedures. These orders are to hereby be given priority for the execution of those orders. “Montane whistled.” If the man has orders from the Captain you are supposed to verify said orders and follow them. Putting him at the back of the line is breaking standard procedures ... Sir." She called to the Security Officer, proud that she could use something from the classes she had to sit through.

Movic a Klingon Petty Officer assigned to engineering muttered, "Nerd, who cares, we all have orders to the ship. Wait in line, human."

Holding up a hand and waving off the guard as he shook his head, glancing at but ignoring the Klingon; it was almost their turn anyway. "It's nothing that critical trust me. What section do you...will you be in?

"If you say so," Montane shrugged. "Operations; I was the lead of my Damage Control Team on the Cadet Cruise, I got a slot as a Damage Control Specialist."She smiled. "Where did they assign you?"

Feeling a little sorry for Heather but was sure she could handle her. No doubt she would take her under her wing and chip off some of that Academy shine. "I'll be on the..." he was interrupted by the guard.

"Next. Come let's keep things moving."

Looking at her he nodded towards the guard. "You're up. I'll see ya around."

After she departed he flashed the guard the PADD that explained who he was, what he was doing and that he was under orders to keep his mouth shut. The guard looked at him and returned the PADD. "Welcome aboard."

[Deck 12 - 0730]

Once finally aboard he headed down to deck 12 to see what was going on in the Marine areas, deciding to work his way up a few decks at a time. The area was fairly empty as the majority of the Marines had yet to check in. Of the few that were aboard he found several over doing with several containers. Dropping his case and PADD he moved to assist before they dropped something. "Hear let me help you with those..."

"Thanks," one managed to grunt. The Andorian man shuffled his grip on his end of one long crate, "Grab on, this is the heavy end," he puffed.

"Wuss," Said the human woman at the other end, also huffing with the effort as they shuffled the crate towards its place on the racking along the far wall.

"Bite me," the Andorian replied, good naturedly.

"In your dreams," she answered, it had the feel of the sort of long practiced smooth ritual exchange between two long term friends.

Stronger than most Rico took his end of the case and extended his free arm underneath the case lifting up into the rack leaving the pair to do little but guide it into place as they bantered. "I take it you two know each” he said with a grin.

The two looked at each other, and then burst out laughing. "My wife would kill me," the Human woman said.

"And use my antenna for a snack while she did it." the Andorian agreed. "No, Diaz and I were in boot camp together. And then she just kept turning up on every other posting, like a puppy."

"He keeps stalking me." Diaz said, checking over her shoulder for her position relative to the racking and began to shuffle round. "Everywhere I go; there he is, getting into trouble, forcing me to save his life. He's such a pain."

"It was one time," The Andorian assured him.

"Well I'm sure his wife appreciates you looking out for him. Then again...maybe she doesn't."

The Andorian laughed. "Chloe doesn't have anything to worry about. She knows that. I'm more afraid of her. My mothers have her scouting Starfleet for suitable partners."

Diaz inched her way around the crate, to get her end into the rack, "all yours boys," She stood back to let them push it all the way in. "She's going to find you a nice pair of females, a properly buff man, and you'll all make fat blue babies together," Diaz agreed.

"See," the Andorian said to Rico. "Her wife hates me."

Rico shrugged mockingly. "Well just look at it this way... if she's right you didn't have to put any effort into anything and if she's wrong you get to harangue her for her failure at fortune telling."

The Andorian laughed, and between them, he and the stranger shoved the rest of the long crate into place. "You have a point, but I'd rather face a squad of Jem'Hadar."

"Quit moaning," Diaz said, throwing his kit bag to him. "Now, come on, before all the best bunks go."

Walking out with them he wished them luck and a see ya later.



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