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Getting down to business - Part 1

Posted on 11 Feb 2018 @ 7:29pm by Captain Ricardo (Rico) Montoya & Lieutenant Heather Fischer-Montoya & Lieutenant Commander Cevel Th'raran & Lieutenant Voric Miller & Lieutenant Marion Kent & Lieutenant Ayana Varon & Lieutenant JG Shirayuki Hayami MD & Lieutenant JG Zitla & 2nd Lieutenant Jason Mitchell & Senior Chief Petty Officer Thomas Larsen

Mission: New Beginings
Timeline: MD 2 - 1450

[Bridge - 1130]

Having completed a quick lunch Rico stepped out onto the bridge and walked the outer rim going from station to station as station techs wrapped up their work and prepared to depart. The department heads were all dealing with getting their people checked in and scheduled on the duty assignments so the only 'crew' on the bridge at the time was himself. After completing his circle of his bridge he moved out toward the command chair...his chair. Lowering himself into it he tested his familiarity with its control surfaces. Unlike other ships, a Prometheus class was automated in the extreme. If need be someone could control the ship, or this section of the ship from this very seat.

Seeing his XO step onto the bridge he nodded, "Number One."

Cevel strolled over to his seat and nodded, "Captain."

Not knowing the man well enough yet he couldn't tell his mood from his expression. "So how is the crew boarding proceeding? Have any of the departments turned in any duty rosters yet?" He knew it was unlikely but no harm in asking?

Cevel shook his head, "Not yet sir. I have met with Lieutenants Miller and Kent, but no rosters have made their way to my desk." He paused and thought for a moment and then decided to try something, "Shall I have the department heads flogged sir?" Cevel smiled slightly.

Rico pulled at his chin in mock contemplation. "You know; actually I was debating between either caning or keel hauling but I just can't decide."

Cevel smiled and let out a light chuckle. "Flogging is a lot more fun though sir, we could always tar and feather them."

Snapping his fingers and pointing up at him. "Perfect! Though we should keep our options open."

Cevel nodded and chuckled, "Aye, sir."

Glad to see things less ridged from his first officer Rico looked down at his console and activated the ship's 1MC, waiting for the hail tones to fade before speaking. =^= All Department heads are to report to the observation lounge at 1500 hours. Captain out. =^= Closing the channel he looked up, "Think they'll be ready?"

"It's a new ship; they may need time to adjust. As you said, we are all kind of learning here. No doubt there will be a few over achievers who have the next three to four days planned out. That's how I ran my department." Cevel said with a nod.

Voric was on the turbolift and heard the department head call. The lift stopped and he got out and walked over to the First officer and said, "Sir, here is the duty roster for Security. I have a Chief Petty Officer coming onboard and I'm still waiting for an officer to report in to be able to take the bridge station."

Cevel nodded, taking the PADD, "Thank you Lieutenant." He nodded to the Captain and began to peruse the roster.


Kent was not 'in the middle' of assigning people but more of a constant periodic influx of it when the Captain called for the general meeting of the Department Heads. Kent could focus pretty much all what was going on all around him within his field of vision; he would pay for this with a headache later he knew and his down time would be floating in silence for a bit. The sound nullifying unit kept his ears from taking in too much as well as dousing the lights to allow his eyes to rest.

That was for later; right now he had to get the Deputy Department Head to take over and start making his way to the meeting.

Ensign Hurran came over to the Lieutenant and said, "I heard the call for Department heads. I can look over engineering for you, if you like."

[Marine Country (Deck 12)]
Jason heard the call over the 1MC, and wondered about the timing. 1500 was closer to the end of the working day, but still with enough time for things to be done. Quickly reaching for his PADD, he updated the schedule to have the onboard Marines draw a rifle and conduct an inspection with the squad leaders. 'Hopefully the meeting would be quick,' he thought to himself.

[Observation Lounge - 1450]

Rico and Cevel were already in the observation lounge waiting on the others to arrive when the first began to arrive.

Kent came in with his uniform as pressed as could be expected considering he and a small band of his crew had aided in the completing of the ship's Engineering Schedule; the added manpower and some observations of Kent had assured that it was done on time and ready. But it did make for long shifts, while he did not show signs of fatigue; he is looking forward to the end of shift.

"Captain, Commander." Kent greeted.

Heather strolled into the room with concealed frustration. The others may miss it but she knew Rico would see it. She took he seat and allowed herself to relax as she closed her eyes.

Rico couldn't help but grin. Heather wasn't to be the department head, for obvious reasons, but as the head of operations had reported in yet she had no choice but to fill in. He had a hunch at the cause of her frustration but asked anyway. "Everything ok Lieutenant?"

Sitting up she look to Rico and the XO. "Just a young Ensign assigned to Ops, fresh out of the Academy and quoting regulations on everything. Nothing I can't handle sir," she added smiling.

Lieutenant Miller had a PADD for notes. He walked into the conference room and nodded to the Captain and XO and took a seat in the room. He was excited to see about the first mission of the ship.

Shirayuki entered into the briefing room. She walked over towards the Captain and handed him a few vials that she pulled out of her medical coats pocket. She simply gave him a small smile before moving to a nearby seat.

Zitla was not late though she arrived with less than three minutes to spare. This was intentional, as she liked to see where people placed themselves and find her own spot accordingly. She might not be the last, but close to.

As the doors opened the Bolian stepped in, a PADD held at her side. She smiled recognizing people from their profile pictures rather than face to face meetings. There were a lot of firsts here.

"Good afternoon," she said pleasantly and chose a seat between two other officers.

Despite his intention and planning to be there much earlier, Jason barely managed to make it with a couple of minutes to spare. Still adjusting from his earlier incident with Rico, he naturally took the farthest chair he could from the Captain. Nodding politely to the others present, he took in every detail of their appearance and builds, making a mental roster. Absently, he took a sip from the insulated bottle at his hip.

Watching the Marine as he entered until he sat down Rico began. "Now that everyone is here we can get started." Looking to everyone else, "I know today has been a hectic day for all of you. Boarding an entire crew and dealing with all the associated processes and requests isn't an easy task. Some of your departments are properly staffed; others are still missing their senior officers.

"The last of the stations personnel will be leaving tomorrow morning. Mr. Kent, is everything in place to cut over to internal power?"

"We have made all the needed connections to the Warp Core for internal operations." Kent explained. "There are still a few minor issues that we are mopping up the remnants of a 'Rushed job that did not go according to plan." Kent admitted. "But if you give the order we can light the fires and have the ship ready for warp at your command with the confidence Sir."

"Excellent. ...and well done." Gesturing at the Lieutenant, "As you all have no doubt already figured out Lt. Kent is our Chief Engineer. He had to be put straight to work cleaning up after the stations construction crew; even before the crew border that kicked off this morning.

"We are all new here and while I have met with all of you, all of you may have not met each other so let's just go around the room." Gesturing to the nearest officer.

Voric had been in a situation like this before and he faced the team and said, "I am Lieutenant Voric Miller. I am the Security Chief. I am 100% Vulcan I was raised by my human relatives in Texas, please don't be shy. I do crack a joke from time to time, and then he smiled for everyone."

Heather looked to her right with a grin and nodded to him having met him the other day. She had hoped her boss would have should up before the meeting and spared her from having to attend, not wanting to create any issues for Rico. But it wasn't like they could hide it, nor were they going to try. "I am Lt. Heather Fischer...Montoya. I am just filling in Operations until the official Department Head reports aboard...which should be very soon."

Of the faces in her view she had seen the eyes glance to others and she saw her husband's eyes move over the assembled officers when she had mentioned her name. With a smile, "...And yes; the Captain IS my husband."

Cevel nodded and said thoughtfully, "It is a pleasure to meet you."

She smiled across the table to the XO, “Thank you sir. If he makes things difficult just let me know.”



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