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What are you talking about?

Posted on 01 Feb 2018 @ 4:28pm by Gunnery Sergeant James Wickman & Senior Chief Petty Officer Thomas Larsen

Mission: New Beginings
Location: Deep Space 5
Timeline: MD 2 - 1445

[Deep Space 5]

First Sergeant Thomas Larsen stepped off the transport he had been on that had also had the luxury of running late. So much had gone wrong during this change in location that he honestly wondered what else had gone wrong. No other Marines had been on this particular transport, just the short stocky First Sergeant that seemed to have a perpetual snarl on his face. The two duffels were quiet large compared to his stature, but that impeded Thomas not at all. "Gunnery Sergeant, I believe you've been expecting me?"

James was still wearing his duty belt and nodded as he waved over a PFC. "Get these over to the Phoenix ASAP." As the young Marine took both duffels and struggled to carry the duffels across the hander bay. Even though there was a question to answer he spoke off topic as they both watched. "10 to 1 he doesn't make it to the entrance."

"No dice," Thomas said as he watched the young PFC. WIncing as the man dropped one of his bags, the sound of metal snapping against metal was loud in the hanger. "I could have done that so much easier. Wonder how many of those I'm going to have to reorder or rebuild." As he continued watching he winced again as the PFC tripped, with both bags, into the entrance. "Alright Gunny, fun times over. Where am I going?"

Shouting across the bay, "ONE AT A TIME IF YOU HAVE TO!!"

He thumbed his way over to a lift. "Follow me Top. I was curious when I got the call that you were incoming. We only have a platoon assigned to the Phoenix and you shouldn't be on our TO. So I contacted the stations S-1 incase you were supposed to be assigned to them. They did have you on any of their rosters so we contacted the regional moderator." He paused, figuring the First Sergeant didn't know about the change to whatever orders he had or he would have been in a different uniform. "Do your orders even have you assigned to the USS Phoenix?"

"Last I checked," Thomas said pulling out his padd. "BE CAREFUL WITH THOSE PRIVATE!" He souted out to the man that was futily dragging them by the straps through the door. Thumbing his orders, he handed the padd over he shrugged. "It just says I'm assigned here, it doesn't say to where in particular."

Stopping outside the lift, taking a deep breath. "Top, the orders the moderator sent over to the S1 showed you transferred from the Corps to Starfleet and assigned as COB to the Phoenix."

"They did what now?" Thomas asked looking at the Gunnery Sergeant. "They want me to do what? I think I'm going to get into a fight for the first time in my time in the Corps. Lets go see S-1, see what the Major has to say about this."

"I had a feeling you would want to head there." Stepping into the lift he announced their destination as soon as the doors closed, "Marine Corps Offices, deck 72." Whatever happened James knew he was in for a show.

Thomas was sort of growling as the turbo lift sped off to where it needed to go. As the doors opened a few moments later, he was leading the way instead of following James. Knocking once, then opening the door before the Major could answer, Thomas was in the office glaring at the woman behind the desk. "What the hell is going on Major? I, in no way, shape, form or fashion have decided to retire from the Corps to go to the bleeding Fleet!"

"I thought you'd be showing up," Rebecca Fulsom said with a soft smile. "Gunny, do come in. You'll have to show the Senior Chief to his new berthing as soon as I let a couple of things be known." Standing she straightened her Uniform, towering over the First Sergeant by more than a foot in height. "You've been reassigned to Fleet after your last Company almost dropped dead of heat exhaustion on Vulcan. Why or how you went there for training is beyond me Larsen, but the Corps no longer wants to play with you. So pack up your things, take your ball, and go play in the fleets back yard."

"They said they wanted to train harder," Thomas said almost snarling at the woman. "So I put them through the paces they said they wanted to be at. It's not my fault the Marines you've been sending me haven't been fit enough to fit through an escape hatch, let alone fit into the uniform they've supposedly earned!" Slamming both hands down on the womans desk, he was snarling now. "I'm not giving up my position, or my rank just because some fly boy wants a COB and you don't want me to be in your sandbox anymore. On another point, I don't even know how to COB!"

"First Sergeant Larsen, I've heard everything that anyone has ever had to say against being sent to Fleet. Your's on one hand is the dumbest thing I've ever heard, and on another it just proves you need to go play with Command for a while, and maybe it'll tone you down. Or do you think we should settle this on the mat?"

"I'm pissed, but I'm not about to hit a Major," Thomas said backing up. "But you can tell the Fleet I'm not giving up anything that I've worked hard to earn. You know my ambitions Fulsom, you know where I want to be, and how I want to be there. How is this going to help me gain that?"

"It's not supposed to you fool! You're being sent to the other side because we don't want your type of Marine around anymore. There's not a war on First Sergeant, and we are losing recruitment numbers while men like yourself are still around and being stubborn on how we need to be combat ready at all times. The amount of people that dropped out of your last unit was astronomical. We're done here First Sergeant, or should I say Senior Chief?"

Jason stood there with his hands clasped behind his back as the Major waited for a reply. He had know Marine to push their men too hard, but he had also seen officers like the Major. As far as he was concerned Marines needed to be 'combat ready at all times'. Her mentality would only plant Marines if the call ever went out.

"Oh we're far from done," Thomas snarled. "But I'll just have to go over your head." Spinning on his heel he stormed out of the S-1 office and back to the turbo lift, audibly growling as he looked over his orders again. He was going to fight this, he just didn't know how yet.

Jason nodded to the Major before going after the First Sergeant. "Ma'am" Darting into the lift just as the doors began to close. "Top...I don't know what happened and I don't care. What I can tell you is that every Marine I have ever served with feel that combat readiness is a part of what we are."

There was a bit of a silence but James continued. "If this Major has something against you she made the wrong move. You are out side her chain of command now...she can't touch you. I've only met the Captain a few times but I looked over his record...what isn't classified anyway. Get him on your side and maybe he can get you promoted back to the Corps for your next assignment."

"Gunny, we don't make friends with Fleet. They're a taxi service. Don't get me wrong, Security can handle it's self in a fight if they know how to train, but if my boys in green can't hike the mountains on Vulcan, I don't need them with me. The boys they get now are soft." With a growling sigh he ordered the lift to transport. "I guess he's my next stop?"

James redirected the lift the main gantry entrance to the ship, "Deck 150. You won't get any argument from me Top, but you are fleet now. Use it to your advantage...adapt and over come." James knew that is nothing else, the traditional saying might get through to him.

"Then lets do it," Thomas said with a large breath, letting it go through his nose. "Tell me about the MCO, what are your thoughts on him?"

The doors to the lift opened and James gestured to the ship on the other side of the massive windows. "There she is, a combat vessel if there ever was to the MCO. Two words...Butter Bar."

Thomas groaned, dropping his head. "What kind of Captain do we have if a green horn is running the Marines? How wet is he?" Looking at the Prometheus class, Thomas squared his shoulders. "Lets go find the Captain and get my duties started."

Leading the way to the ship, "The Captain, well he can definitely hold his own but you'll be able to see that for yourself. Like I said his record is interesting...what isn't classified. I'd say he's no stranger to a fight."

"Very good. I don't like working for people that can't handle themselves in a fight. Most of the fleet seems too dependent on others to do the dirty work for them." Keeping in step half a foot behind the Gunny, Thomas kept his eye on the prize. "Who else has shown up and signed in? What do we know about them?"

Most of the senior staff has report in, but I haven't met any of them as yet. The bulk of the crew began reporting this morning, though we are still missing our Recon squad. The MCO...SHIT! It's now after 1500. The LT is in the Observation Lounge with the senior staff!"

"Then lets go, you can show me the way." Thomas said shaking his head. He didn't even know there was going to be a staff meeting. That should have been something brought up earlier. "How do you feel about a run?"

"To the nearest lift then!" The pair broke into a dead run shouting as the went. "MAKE A HOLE!"

Thomas was actually smiling as he charged after the Gunnery Sergeant, getting to the meeting as soon as he could.


Gunnery Sergeant James Wickman
Plt Sgt

Senior Chief Petty Officer Thomas Larsen
Chief of the Boat


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