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Tour Time - Part 2

Posted on 01 Feb 2018 @ 4:24pm by Captain Ricardo (Rico) Montoya & Commander Maritza Soran - CO DS5 & Lieutenant Voric Miller & Lieutenant Marion Kent
Edited on on 01 Feb 2018 @ 4:25pm

Mission: New Beginings
Location: USS Achilles
Timeline: MD 2 - Morning

Previously -

The Andorian laughed, and between them, he and the stranger shoved the rest of the long crate into place. "You have a point, but I'd rather face a squad of Jem'Hadar."

"Quit moaning," Diaz said, throwing his kit bag to him. "Now, come on, before all the best bunks go."

Walking out with them he wished them luck and a see ya later.

[Deck 5 - 0810]

Walking into the crew mess he moved along with the others there and ordered up a breakfast. Taking his tray he walked over to a table with an open chair. "Mind if I join you?"

The three crewmen nodded. "Sure uhh..." not knowing how to address the man as he sat, as the coverall didn't show any rank of any kind.

Picking up his obvious confusion he dismissed it with a gesture as he sipped at his coffee. "So what were you all talking about? Anything interesting...?"

"Just speculation really; what our mission might be, the Cardassians that we saw in orbit when we got to the station, a few rumors about the Captain..."

Sensing their curious tension he figured they were unsure if it was safe to talk, not knowing who he was. "Really did you hear the one about what happened when he was LTJG??"

With the stranger offering up new gossip the trio relaxed. "No what happened? Well you know he's part Deltan right?"

"Told you."

"Well supposedly he got exposed to chemicals or something, but apparently he had all the woman on the ship chasing him down...including the XO."

"That would be awesome. If I had Deltan pheromones...there wouldn't be a shore leave location that safe..."

"You would need pheromones because without them you would be able to even get your eyes off your boots."

"Oh and like you didn't stammer yourself silly when we ran into that Lieutenant in Ops."

Rico figured they were talking about Heather and if so he knew she had teased the poor kid a bit. "She is a looker that's for sure..."

"You saw her too?"

"Yep." Tapping his PADD, "She arranged my quarters and I'll be seeing her for dinner."

Their hopes and fantasies bash they sat there with their mouths open. "WHAT?!...How?"

Giving them a one-eyed wink he leaned back and spread his hand. "When ya got it...ya got it."

"Ya gotta meet us back here tomorrow and let us know how it went."

Shaking his head; "Now now. A gentleman never kisses and tells. Besides, It's your all's turn. What have you been hearing?"

The three looked around and the Ensign in Red spoke up. "Well it's not as cool as your Love Boat story, but we hear the Captain was stripped of his first command and was sitting around driving a desk for almost a year. Now we go him out here on the edge of nowhere on a ship made for fighting with Cardassians, Breen, Romulans, Remans, and who knows what else out there."

Rico sat back in his chair, "Sounds like you're scared?" Taking a bite of his pancakes and seeing that his remark had hit home.

"I'm not scared...but I would like to get home."

Crossing his arms over his chest; “Listen here. First off your little rumor is way off, because I was there...Even met the Commodore myself. And if you are so worried about getting home why did you join Starfleet in the first place?"

Knowing a dressing down when he got one he bit his tongue; whoever the big guy was he had rank. Even so he couldn't just let it go if front of his friends. "Hey if I wasn't still in the Academy I would have volunteered myself. That whole mission was all anyone was talking about. Now everyone, most everyone, is back and everything has been hushed up. No one is talking...and that only invites rumor and speculation."

Now Rico knew he was full of shit, and that he was a liar but he wasn't going to call him out here. However he was right about the secrecy; none of that missions senior officers agreed with that call. And with the number of people on that mission it was only a matter of time until someone talked. Rising he picked up his tray. "Tell you what, come find me at…say 1300 tomorrow and we'll talk."

His two friends looked at him and his puzzlement matched theirs. "I don't even know your name or what department you are in?"

Rico grinned. "You're a smart guy. You'll figure it out." With that he left and headed to the bridge as the Marine CO was due to arrive in about an hour.

[Ready Room - 1115]

After leaving the MCO to his duties Rico returned to his ready room and sat at his desk. "Computer, 1MC with visual transmission to all displays and station terminals."

The shrill whistle of the public address signal sounded and he looked straight ahead. "Attention crew of the USS Phoenix; this is you Captain speaking. Allow me to welcome you all to the fleet's newest Prometheus class starship. So far it's been a busy morning as you all have, are or are waiting to report in to your respective departments. Your patience and professionalism will only make this...tedious...process continue to go smoothly. This is a new ship with a young crew and once we are on our way I have no doubt we will quickly move from a collection of strangers doing their duty to that of a family.

"Mission details will be forth coming but first we have to put the Phoenix through her paces as we test and even strain her various systems. However until we depart DS5, complete your reporting processes, get settled in, learn your way around your new home, and on your off hours feel free to enjoy the station's facilities. Captain out."


Movic finally reached the security office and was stunned and felt somewhat embarrassed that he was so disrespectful to the Captain, but he didn’t know he was the Captain so maybe it was okay.

[Crew Mess]

The trio from breakfast was back together for lunch and one of their group was jaw dropped as he muttered, "OH CRAP!" The rest were laughing at their friend’s expense. "I don't think you are going to have any problem finding him now..."


"Hey, Ch'Zin," Diaz threw a baseball at the Andorian to get his attention, and pointed at the monitor, "It’s your relationship counselor."

Ch'Zin twisted in its seat to see the screen. "No. way. He's the captain? He seemed so normal." A thought occurred to him. "You cannot tell Chloe."

Diaz cackled with laughter. "I am so telling Chloe. And you have to listen to her when she's playing matchmaker now. The captain said so." She sat back, resting her hands behind her head. "I'll have to buy him a beer."

Ch'zin grunted. "After that, he owes me a whole bottle of bourbon."


"There goes a good first impression Theo..." Montain said as she stare at the screen. "Quoting regulations to the Captain." She remarked as she took her took kit. "Guess we work on any future promotions the way one does after that first encounter with 'The Captain; I mean 'THE' Captain.

She was not having her best day.


Captain Ricardo Montoya

Lt. Heather Fischer-Montoya

Ch'Zin & Diaz - Played by Commander Maritza Soran, CO DS5

Movic - Played by Lt. Voric Miller

Ens. Theodora Montaine - Played by Lt. Marion Kent

Crew mess Crewmen - Capt Ricardo Montoya


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