Getting down to business - Part 2

Posted on 11 Feb 2018 @ 7:39pm by Captain Ricardo (Rico) Montoya & Lieutenant Heather Fischer-Montoya & Lieutenant Commander Cevel Th'raran & Lieutenant Voric Miller & Lieutenant Marion Kent & Lieutenant Ayana Varon & Lieutenant JG Shirayuki Hayami MD & Lieutenant JG Zitla & 2nd Lieutenant Jason Mitchell & Senior Chief Petty Officer Thomas Larsen

Mission: New Beginings
Location: Observation Lounge
Timeline: MD 2 - 1450

Of the faces in her view she had seen the eyes glance to others and she saw her husband's eyes move over the assembled officers when she had mentioned her name. With a smile, "...And yes; the Captain IS my husband."

Cevel nodded and said thoughtfully, "It is a pleasure to meet you."

She smiled across the table to the XO, “Thank you sir. If he makes things difficult just let me know.”

Cevel smiled and nodded, "Got an ace in the hole Captain."

Rico chuckled. "Don't be so's not like I listen to her anyway."

At that Heather gave him a smile and a you're going to pay for that later look as the introductions continued.

"Doctor Shirayuki Hayami" Shirayuki said with a smile. "I'll most likely be knocking around sickbay or the medical labs. Also, if you happen to go down to a planet and see some interesting plants, please bring them back for me..." she pulled a small cute smile. "I'm on a personal mission to find new medicines using natural ingredients, so any plant samples would be appreciated; plus if they can't be used for medicinal reasons, sickbay could use some color..."

"I'll see what we can find, Doctor," Zitla said with a grin. "I am Lieutenant Zitla," she said including the rest of the room in the introduction, "Chief Science Officer.”I know we'll be busy as the mission progresses but I will do what I can to loan support people out to your departments when needed."

Following habit, Jason stood up from the chair and drew himself to his full height. Despite the younger look of his face, his voice came out in a clear, deeper baritone as his eyes caught the gaze of each person, including Rico. "Second Lieutenant Mitchell, Jason. I am responsible for the Marine presence onboard at this time. If you or your departments run into issues with the Marine personnel, please notify me and we'll work out any necessary corrections." Nodding to the group, he sat back down and waited to see who would be next.

Remembering his subroutine he looked around the room as he spoke making sure to focus on the usual small field of vision most humanoids had rather than just talking without head movement despite his widened field of vision. "I am Lieutenant Russell Kent your Friendly Chief Engineer in charge of your heating and electrical needs. I like to think doing my job keeps you all warm and out of the dark." He said with an attempt at humor.

Nodding, Rico grinned at the analogy.

Cevel looked at the crew members, "I am Lieutenant Commander Cevel Th'raran. I am your Executive Officer and will be working close with each of you and your departments. Keep your departments in order and reports on time and we will get along fine." He smiled at them showing his white teeth.

Ayana Varon was late. It wasn't her fault. She'd only just arrived on the station and before she could even find her quarters, she was told there was a briefing.

She paused outside the door to straighten her ponytail and her uniform. Then she took a deep breath and walked into the briefing.

Too many people. That was her first thought. She found an empty seat and headed for it as quietly and inconspicuously as possible.

At first Rico glanced questioningly to the XO and to his PADD and then everything fell into place. "Lt. Varon I assume?" Heather was looking in his direction nodding.

Ayana gave a start and looked over to the captain. "Um, yes, sir. That's me. Hi."

Motioning to an empty seat, "Have a seat Lieutenant. We were just doing introductions as we are all new to the ship. Tell us a little about yourself."

Ayana nodded. "My name's Ayana. I'm in Ops. I like to see what makes things work--especially ancient communications systems. I love Operations because I get to do a little of everything. So, if there's anything you need, just let me know." She smiled brightly and sat down.

Now it his turn. "As you have all figured out I am the Captain. During my career I have served as a science officer, Operation officer, liaison officer during the Romulan aid efforts, as XO on the USS Atlantic, XO and then Captain of the USS Berlin during the Achilles mission under Commodore Da`nal. If anyone is curious I have no problems discussing what I have seen or been through during my career....Those parts that are not classified that is." He paused slightly rising from his chair to move about the room as he preferred to be on his feet as he conducted his briefings. A habit he picked up from his previous commanding officer.

"While our primary mission is scheduled to be peaceful in nature; a Prometheus class ship, like the Defiant class, is a combat vessel. Should the need ever arise, make no mistake, we are the tip of the spear. Now some of you may be thinking, 'what's a science/ops type doing in command of a combat vessel?' To that I can only say that I have seen plenty of combat over the year; from my station, in the field, and from the center seat. The same can be said of each of you, none of us would be here if we weren't qualified to be here. But enough about me.

"It is my intention to allow each of you to run your departments as you see fit; meaning that I do not micromanage those under my command. Do your jobs, make sure your people do theirs, and things will run smoothly. If an issue does come up, as they eventually will, handle it 'in house' as much as possible. The XO or I should be the last step in any departmental issue. That is not to say that the crew can't come to either Commander Th'raran or myself, but every effort to handle any issue better have been exhausted prior to that request."

Now that introduction he moved the display behind what was considered 'his' chair and activated the screen. "Our primary mission is a broad patrol of the space just outside of Federation territory. With DS5 as our home port we will join other starships as they explore the region between Breen territory and this area of Romulan space. We are out here to make sure help is available should those ships on purely missions of exploration need help and to a first line of defense should anything major occur."

Ayana nodded and made a note on her PADD.

Turning away from the screen, his hands resting on the back of his chair; "Most of the time we will be in advance of those other ships. So we get first glance at what's out there so we get the honor of cataloging phenomena for further exploration, mark areas for possible colonization, and even some cursory mapping. Questions?"

Before anyone could answer the doors whooshed open, depositing a slightly out of breath man in Marine uniform. Looking around the room he checked the chrono. "Huh, only a couple minutes late. Not bad for someone that didn't know it was supposed to be going on. First Sergeant Larsen, your new COB, reporting in."

Rico reached down to his PADD. The name had been flagged for late arrival but the rank information didn't match the man's introduction, something wasn't right. Motioning him to a seat; he left the duty roster and opened the man's service record, "Take a seat Mr. Larsen.”

Seeing the recent mod to his orders, “I they powers that be changed your orders...quite significantly...while you were in transit no less."

"Noticed that when I spoke to the Major Cap," Larsen said gruffly. "I'm putting in a formal complaint and request to stay a First Sergeant. I earned it, I should keep it."

Not about to get into a pride debate without all the information he simply nodded and glanced to his XO and back to the former Marine. "With the formal complaint I will look into it, but until the matter is resolved proper rank."

Having still not selected a Yeoman he looked to Heather. "See that the COB gets a recording of this meeting so he can catch up."

Casting his gazed back to the other officers; "The previous question still stands....Questions?"

Voric raised his left forearm with two fingers extended and asked, "How large is this patrol area and will it be becoming close with any areas where combat may arise, sir?" Voric wanted to be prepared, but also wanted to see what the ship could do and test himself as Chief Security/Tactical Officer.

"Approximately 1,000 light years in length. On one end we will have Romulan and Reman forces; on the other Breen, Cardassian, and even Ferengi. You also have to consider what we might come across out in the unknown. Now we aren't going to go looking for a fight but we will be ready for one.

"Anyone else?"

Kent had the range of the patrol; he need not know about the navigational marks, he simply had to keep the engines and lights on. The combat modes would need attention to the core and the checking of the clamps and connections. Enough to keep his team busy.

"I might suggest a test separation or two early in the patrol Sir." Kent spoke. "It is a new system and while the computer checks it as good having a real test before we need it to assure it works effectively so we can make adjustments might be a wise exercise Sir. It is always difficult the first time and we don't want those under combat conditions."

The corner of his mouth curled at the suggestion. "Took the words right out of my mouth. As a matter of fact I plan to test the MVAM before we even leave the system. I want a cutover to internal power tonight and to put the Phoenix through its paces tomorrow morning. Say...cut moorings at 0800 and head out for a full systems test".

"You will have full power and engine will answer Bells sir." Kent replied.

"Excellent! Anyone else?"

Ayana raised her hand. "Does that mean I get to play with transporters and communications?"

He cocked an eyebrow at the inquiry. "Like you said Operations allows you to get involved in everything. Including comms and transporters."

Now that everything was done Rico just had one...two more things to pass. "COB, I want to see you first thing tomorrow morning, 0615 my ready room. I will also need Commander Th'raran, Lieutenants Miller, and Mitchell to join us at 0645…same location.

"With that meeting adjourned, if you still have preparations to make, see to your departments. If not, feel free to mingle a bit and get to know one another."

As the meeting broke he remained on hand for any other questions or small any talk that might arise.

"Aye Aye Cap, I do need to know what shift I'm on so I can get things done the way it needs to be done." Thomas said without moving. "And what my position entails."

Rico nodded and replied glancing at his XO. "Commander Th'raran will have all that for you. The rest we can discuss tomorrow morning."

Cevel nodded, "0645, aye." He stood and then nodded towards the Lieutenant Vorric, "Lieutenant, if you have a moment to talk tactics."

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